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This site isn't just about selling books and book promotion (although, I'd be very happy if you did), it's about the White Tree and the thoughts and ideas of where it came from (even though, yes it's a fantasy), getting an up close look into this world will be fun.

The White Tree Chronicles will give you an inside look into the White Tree book series.  Here you will discover more about the surrounding lands and its characters.  As this site grows you will learn more about the Yates/Evans family and gain an in depth look into who they are and what they do.  There are many more stories and mysteries to unfold as we walk through time and history.

The White Tree connects the present to the past and its roots grow deep.  Where will it take us next?  Only time will tell.

The journey continues…

The White Tree: The Celtic Oval Book Promotion

The White Tree Book 1

The Celtic Oval

Deep in an ancient forest stands a tree. Its roots connect the present to the past. Throughout the ages, one family has kept its secret. But now the Keeper's daughter has gone missing. A husbands rescue has been foiled. Hope now lies in the Keeper's grandson.

Join Cade as he discovers the truth about his family’s ancestry and the part he has in it. However, before he can begin his journey, he needs to awaken the gifts within him.