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The White Tree: The Celtic Oval tells of the journey of a young teenage man called Cade.  In many ways he’s just your typical teenager, he loves electronic gadgets, music and the odd game playing.  Cade is also very smart and is what you call ‘a bit of a geek’.  However, he doesn’t let other peoples opinions bother him.

Cade is an only child who was raised by his Dad, Bryce and his grandparents in a place called Llandyke Wells in Wales, England.  He never knew his mother, sadly she mysteriously disappeared when he was only two and the search for her came to a dead end.  It wasn’t long after that that his father, Bryce went on to learn all he could about the dark ages and search out relics and other medieval artifacts.

As the years went on, Cade and his father eventually moved out of his grandparents home and ended up living on the west coast of America.  Now Cade has been called back home, his grandfather, Kai sends for him.  The world Cade was living in is about to be turned upside down as he finds out the truth of what happened all those years ago when he was a baby and his mother disappeared.

Find out what happens and begin the adventure in The Celtic Oval.


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The White Tree: The Blacksmith continues the saga, this time a storm is brewing as ancient ties calls the present.  Cade finds himself, once again, caught up into the past.  Something threatens the White Tree and as Keeper of the Tree his job is to protect it.  Not knowing what to expect, Cade enters the White Tree to find out whats going on.  Will his new found abilities help him?

Along the path Cade meets new allies and foes both mythical and legendary as his journey unfolds.  He discovers that the stories he read in history books and even in some mythology books actually wrote the truth.  Cade comes face to face with things only ‘seen in the movies’ and has to deal with them head on.

Join Cade as he grows and matures as he faces these new challenges, especially when he befriends a mysterious man who is on a mission himself.


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A captivating novel that will intrigue you and draw you in from the first chapter.  I loved the way that the past ties in with the present and how family ties bind you forever.  Beautifully written, descriptive and pure.  I felt properly connected to the characters as they came to life.”

~ A. Boullin


I loved it, well done!  It captures the audience and engages you to what is going to happen next.  I like the descriptions you used, nice work.”

~ Levi B   


This novel took me on an amazing journey, past and present.  Where dragons, myth and legend come alive.  A brilliant read!

~ E. Campbell









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