Meet The Author

In his own words…

“I had written a few children’s book years ago, when my children were young, which were fun to write and illustrate.  I wrote these books originally for my children, but now are available for all children to enjoy.  My children, (all six of them), along with my loving wife have all been an inspiration in my writings in some way.  All with unique character traits and filled with excitement for the life around them.  It was fun and, if you can believe it, easy for me to write short stories and silly nonsensical poems, as my brain seemed to think that way. 

“Now, I’ve always had an interest in the fantasy world, it started when I was just a young teen and played Dungeon and Dragons.  Books, which have now been turned into movies, such as ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’, ‘The Hobbit’, and all the ‘Lord of the Rings’ were, and still are, always a favorite.  From Indiana Jones to The Princess Bride and The Dark Crystal, including any science fiction shows/movies, such as Star Trek and Star Wars.  These all played a big part in my growing up too.  I loved it all and still do today!  Deep down I’m a Jedi at heart! (but don’t tell anyone). 

“Anyways, years later my thoughts challenged me when I was walking to the store one particular evening.  A tree stood out from the rest.  It kinda jumped out at me (though not literally).  The tree was bright white from reflecting the moonlight, it was almost glowing.  The tree had no bark around it from top to bottom and was completely leafless too.  It made me wonder for a moment, but then I went on my way to the store.  Every time I crossed its path, the thought of this white tree pulled at my thought strings and wouldn’t go away.  I never thought of writing a novel and didn’t really want to either.  Although novels are great, they were for serious writers.  The mature and grown-up writers. The ones with all the letters at the end of their name from all the intellectual knowledge they had learned from colleges and universities.  But me!?  I’m not as learned like most, so I disqualified myself.  However, the thought of this tree continued to nag my thoughts until I finally put pen to paper (or rather fingers to the keyboard), and The White Tree series was born.” 

“I’m not going to lie, but it has been a challenge, and there were times I wanted to quit, but I forged on.  I ended up having fun writing a novel too.  I actually connected with characters as they came to life.  It’s amazing really, the power you have in your fingers, creating worlds, people, creatures and places.  Although it’s all fantasy, it becomes alive in the imagination.  To share this is humbling, it really is.  Others too can breathe life in the words written in the pages of my books and form a bond with them as they get to know the characters.  Just like the movie, ‘Never-ending Story’, you become a part of the story.  How is it going to end?  Will it ever really end?  Well, that is up to the reader.  So read on and let your imagination soar!  Happy Reading!!”  ~ Mark

Mark C. Brown with his wife Naisha