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pronounced: K-ade

(Son of Bryce (Dad) and Maelona (Mum))

M/F: Male     Age: 16     Eye Color: Bright Blue     Hair Color: Brown/Black     Height: 5′ 8″

Homeland: Llandyke Wells, Wales     Interests/Hobbies: Computers/Tablets/Phones

Abilities/Skills: High IQ, Photographic Memory, Can fix and build anything computer related

Other: Kind, thoughtful and a little bit geeky, Sometimes unsure of himself

Cade is an only child who was raised by his father, Bryce since his mother mysteriously disappeared when he was 2 yrs old.  He lived with his grandparents on their small farm until the age of nine before he and his dad moved to a big city.  While on the small farm he learned to work with his hands, even at a young age.  What he loved most was horse riding, but after he left the farm there wasn’t a lot of opportunities to ride one.

City life began to over-ride his county upbringing and he fell in love with it.  The city was fasted paced and this ‘new world’ was exciting for him.  Discovering technology was new to him too, and soon was able to adapt to this ‘digital age’ to where he could build computers himself and upgrade its hardware.

The relationship he had with his Dad was strong, even though he never saw the point in learning about the Dark Ages.  Cade’s heart and mind was focused on the future, always looking forward. However, what he didn’t realize is, that in all his father’s shared knowledge was prepping him for a journey like no other.

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